3 Tri-Size Earbud pairs Blue Silicone in ear replacement tips

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These replacement earbuds are non-toxic, smooth, dirt resistant. Soft material offers a better fit in the ear canal with a tighter seal and better attenuation for decreasing noise. There are three size for different choice for you.


- Color: Blue
- Material: Silicone
- Size: 14mm in diameter(Large); 12mm in diameter(Middle); 10mm in diameter(Small)
- Replacement silicone earbuds 3 pairs (6 pieces).
- Washable and replaceable. Ergonomic design.
- High quality. Fully compatible with most earphone brands.
- Ideal replacement for any damaged, scratched, defective or lost earbuds, give new life for your in ear earphones.
- Soft silicone material provides more noise isolation, in-ear stability and a lasting comfort.